Creating A Self-Care Evening Routine

Creating A Self-Care Evening Routine

If you’re feeling a little anxious at the current news, or just a little stressed in general then Creating A Self-Care Evening Routine might just be the perfect solution. We’re running through our favorite ways to relax in the evening…

Schedule in some relaxation

Whatever helps you to relax… Time to find the time to do it! Whether that’s diving into a new book, bingeing that new show on Netflix or having a long, hot bath, taking the time to carve out some dedicated relaxation ensures you can unwind properly after a busy day. Even twenty minutes can help to leave you with a much more positive mindset.

Give your skin a pamper

If you’re looking for a quick way to enjoy some self-care, then making sure your skincare routine is working for you is guaranteed to help boost your mood. Facial massage is one of our favorite ways to relax, and a few drops of our Beauty Sleep Elixir is the ideal product to help nourish your skin.

Put your phone down

Time to stop scrolling! The blue HEV light from your phone leaves your brain feeling wired, which can leave you struggling to fall asleep. Put your phone down in another room and focus on your Self-Care Evening Routine.

Have an early night

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re feeling your best is to catch up on some serious sleep. Getting an early night can leave you feeling far more rested and relaxed for the next day, too. A lack of sleep can lead to inflammation in the skin which can slow down collagen production as well – it’s called beauty sleep for a reason!