A Guide To Using Facial Oil

A Guide To Using Facial Oil

The secret behind an enviable glow, and a Royal favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge? A facial oil, in the form of our Beauty Sleep Elixir. Ever wondered how to use an oil yourself? We’ve got you covered with A Guide To Using A Facial Oil…

What is a facial oil?

A facial oil is typically a blend of several different plant-based oils – there are carrier oils (normally cold-pressed), which make up the majority of formulations and then essential oils, potent blends which are chosen for their specific skincare benefits. The oil-based formula of facial oils is also more effective at nourishing the skin at a deeper level than a water-based moisturizer.

Will it work for my skin?

Yes! A good facial oil is suitable for every skin type – it all depends on the ingredients. Using an oil helps to soften any dry patches, quench skin’s thirst and even regulate skin’s sebum production (so oily skin types needn’t worry!).

How do I use one?

You can use a facial oil in place of your regular moisturizer, or a few drops can be pressed onto the skin to help lock in moisture. With our Beauty Sleep Elixir, we recommend using the blend on its own for the most transformative results. Morning and night, 3-4 drops of the oil can be applied using your finger tips and gently massaged in.