Facial Massage Techniques

Facial Massage Techniques

Facial massage is one of the easiest techniques to quickly give your skin a boost thanks to its ability to smooth out fine lines, relieve any stress and immediately boost circulation. We’re sharing our Facial Massage Techniques for your best skin yet.

What does facial massage do for your skin?

Essentially, a good facial massage session will give your skin a boost, by increasing your skin’s health. It helps to tone the muscles (think about how many facial expressions you can make in one day to understand how hard your facial muscles are working!), reduce inflammation and give your circulation a boost.

Pick your products

There are lots of skincare tools available to assist in facial massage such as a Gua Sha or a jade roller, although your hands can work just as well for kneading the skin. To give enough slip onto the skin, we recommend applying five or so drops of our Beauty Sleep Elixir to your face. Whilst you massage your face, you’ll also help the product to absorb more effectively.

How to give yourself a facial massage

Pick the area of your skin that needs the most attention – three of the most common areas to massage are the jawline, the forehead and the brow bone. For along the jaw, placing both thumbs under your chin with four fingers on top allows you to really effectively ‘cup’ the skin. Drag the fingertips in sweeping upwards motions and finish up by your earlobe. This action helps to relieve any tension (clenched jaw) and promote a more sculpted chin. For the forehead, placing thumbs on either side of your hairline allows you to comb the fingertips across the forehead, melting away any tension.