Spring-Clean Your Skincare

Spring-Clean Your Skincare

Spring cleaning your house can be a little too boring to ever get excited about, but spring cleaning your skincare? That’s something here at Beuti we can get behind. We’re sharing our three tips to quickly and easy Spring-Clean Your Skincare.

Switch Up Skincare Textures

As the weather gets a little warmer (or, fingers crossed, a lot warmer) your skin can need a lighter texture from its cleanser. If you’ve been using a heavy, rich cleanser, this can leave your pores feeling congested. Picking lighter textures doesn’t have to mean a cleanser that doesn’t work as hard though!

Our Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser is an innovative gel-balm hybrid which means it melts onto the skin, revealing a soft and cleansed complexion without clogging or stripping.

Check Expiration Dates

Make sure that your skincare is all in date still – the small symbol with a number in a circle on product packaging tells you how long a product is good for once it has been opened. Using the active ingredients whilst they’re still potent is an important step to getting the most from your skincare.

Add In An SPF

SPF is a step that should be applied daily, all year round. UVB rays are responsible for sun burn and causing skin cancer, whereas UVA rays are responsible for causing skin ageing. Both need to be protected against, which is why we recommend adding an SPF to your routine – especially when it gets sunnier.