Three Ingredients For Brighter Skin

Three Ingredients For Brighter Skin

There are so many ingredients out there that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming – what makes one good and what makes one not as effective on the skin? We’re shining the spotlight on Three Ingredients For Brighter Skin, all of which can be found in our Beauty Sleep Elixir.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

We call Pomegranate Seed Oil the holy grail of all oils, as the benefits for the skin are so incredible. Containing omega 5 (also known as Punic acid) and with three times as many antioxidants as green tea, the oil can rapidly deliver transformative results for your skin. We especially love it as it promotes pro collagen synthesis which increases skin’s regeneration. Meaning… Brighter, bouncier skin.

Blueberry Seed Oil

Incredibly rich in antioxidants, Blueberry Seed Oil is a natural super ingredient, as it’s so perfect at protecting the skin from environmental aggressors. It’s also a source of Vitamin E, which again helps to cushion the skin. Fast-absorbing, it’s an ideal ingredient to look for if you have sensitive skin.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

In Sea Buckthorn oil you can find the super enzyme Superoxide Dimutase, which is naturally produced by our bodies. It’s 3500 times more powerful than vitamin C, and is also more stable when used in skincare. Perfect for flooding the skin with brightening properties, antioxidant protection and an all-round glow.